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Cosmetic Dentistry – Littleton, CO

Get a Smile as Pretty as Colorado

At Littleton Dental Studio, we understand better than most the power of a beautiful smile. Whether you’re going on a job interview or a first date, knowing your smile will make the right first impression can give someone all the confidence in the world. However, if your teeth constantly make you feel self-conscious, we’re more than ready to help! Using the cosmetic treatments detailed below and his artistic eye, Dr. Beasley can make flaws seemingly disappear behind a big, bright, and beautiful grin you’ll always be eager to show off. Which treatments will help you meet your smile goals? Give us a call to learn more about your options!

Why Choose Littleton Dental Studio for Cosmetic Dentistry?

  • Every Treatment is Completely Personalized
  • Teeth Whitening: Make Coffee, Wine, & Tobacco Stains Vanish
  • Porcelain Veneers: Smile Like Your Favorite Star

Porcelain Veneers

Smile compared with tooth-color chart

Think you’ll never have that perfect, Hollywood-level smile? Think again! With porcelain veneers, we can place extremely thin ceramic coverings over your teeth to instantly mask persistent stains, chips, cracks, and gaps all at the same time. They are always custom-made to suit a patient’s face and preferences, and you can get just one or an entire set to completely transform your look in two appointments. Once in place, you can trust them to stay white and look great for about 20 years.

Learn More About Porcelain Veneers

Metal-Free Dental Restorations

Woman with attractive smile

Metal-free restorations offer patients the best of both worlds. Using all-porcelain crowns and bridges, we can repair damaged and decayed teeth in such a way to make them not only strong and durable but beautiful as well. These restorations are able to recreate the look and feel of real enamel down to the finest detail, including how it reflects light. Once one is in place, only you and Dr. Beasley will be able to tell where it is!

Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Patient receiving dental bonding

Have an hour to spare? If so, then you have enough time to take care of a minor stain, small chip, or thin gap in your smile. Dr. Beasley can apply a color-matched composite resin to your tooth and then artfully sculpt it to cover the offending imperfection. Once he hardens it with a curing light, it will seem like the flaw was never there in the first place. The procedure is completely painless and takes the same amount of time as your average lunch break, and the results can be expected to last for about a decade.

Teeth Whitening

Patient receiving in-office teeth whitening

If you have teeth that are stained, discolored or may have yellowed with age, smoking or dietary habits, we have several options for you to get that whiter, brighter smile! Using the Advanced ZOOM! Whitening system, you can have the speed of a professional whitening done in-office in about one hour! We also offer the convenience of take-home trays so you can whiten your teeth on your own using custom-made trays and a whitening gel.