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Meet Your Team

When it comes to our team, Dr. Beasley likes to say, “When you have the right people around you, you don’t need that many!” Our small but mighty staff will ensure your appointments always start on time, they are well organized, and most importantly, they leave you with a big smile on your face. Our team members make every step from check-in to checkout a breeze, and if you ever have a question, you can count on them for the answer. You can start getting to know everyone by reading on below!

Ashley - Dental Assistant


Ashley decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps and graduated from the Denver Dental Assistant School. Since then, she has obtained her Expanded Duties Dental Assistant (EDDA) certification, which means she’s qualified to do everything in our office, from greeting and checking people in at the front desk to working right alongside Dr. Beasley treating patients. Born and raised in Colorado, she and her husband have a full house thanks to their two dogs and two cats. On the weekends, you’ll often find her reading, watching Adam Sandler movies, or binge-watching Supernatural for the millionth time!

Fransisca - Expanded Duties Dental Assistant


Fransisca has over a decade of experience in dentistry, and she says the greatest joy she experiences in her job is also the simplest—making patients feel good about their smiles. She completed her initial dental training at Warren Tech and earned her Expanded Duties certification at Emily Griffith Technical College.

Fransisca has a young daughter who is her world, and when she isn’t cheering her on during volleyball games, she likes to listen to true crime podcasts.

Josephine - Front Desk Administrator


Josephine brings nearly 40 years of dentistry experience to our practice. Excellent service and dental prowess seem to run in her family! She started working for her father, who was a dentist, back in high school, and she eventually became an Expanded Duty Dental Assistant and managed her father’s practice.

Now, two of her three daughters are dental hygienists, and the youngest manages a dental office. She is happily married and is the proud mother of three and grandmother of seven.

Comet - Guard Dog Supervisor

Guard Dog Comet

Comet’s been working hard at Littleton Dental Studio for almost 10 years! After graduating from the School of Hard Barks, he got his dental training at the Dachshund School of Dentistry. His favorite parts of the job include sleeping, barking, playing fetch, and squeaking his toys very loudly. He loves to look cute at the office so when someone tries to pet him, he can bark at them like a grumpy old man. He can catch any ball you throw at him in mid-air--he can jump a whole foot off the ground!

Chewie—Guard Dog

Guard Dog Chewie

A graduate of the prestigious Bark Academy and Hot Dogs Dental School, Chewie loves to bark at dogs or anything that could be a dog, including suspicious noises like when the front door opens and closes. He always enjoys it when Josephine puts him on her desk so he has a better view. However, he often escapes so he can go track down his dad. Over the years, he’s protected many dental patients from other dogs, many of whom were much bigger than him. He’s also sat in many people’s laps while they got dental work done because he’s soft and gives good kisses. Off duty, on walks around the neighborhood, he’s really good at checking all the storm drains to make sure there are no clowns in them.